Our Policy


• Anyone with a nail condition we suspect may be contagious.
• Anyone with open or infected wounds on the treatment area.
• Anyone in ill health that we suspect may be contagious, or we fear could be further harmed by our services.
• Diabetes Client: Please inform our technician so we can provide our service with proper care. NO CUTTING SERVICES ARE ALLOWED.
• We hate to say it but FOR CUSTOMERS SAFETY: Spa chairs have a maximum capacity of 250lbs. We ask if you don't make the cut, please do not sit in the spa chairs for your own safety. (or We ask if you are over the maximum weight capacity not to sit on the spa chair). We appreciate your understanding.
• Rude, mean, or disrespectful people. - Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are ever dissatisfied with any service in the salon we will gladly make the corrections before you leave the salon. No refund is given after it has been rendered. - Enhancements and gel polish manicures are guaranteed for 3 business days after your appointment; excluding breakages. (We don’t do the gel/ shellac color change on acrylic nails). If you lose an enhancement or notice chips or lifting in the first 3 days, please call us to schedule a free repair. Repairs after 5 days or for breakages, tears, and corner breaks are $5+ each. Please remember, nails are jewels, not tools. Be kind to your nails and they will look beautiful for weeks after your service. Traditional polish services are not guaranteed. - Reschedule your appointment if the following conditions are present: open cuts, sores, and contagious diseases. We reserve the right to refuse service anyone at any time. -Whilst receiving any service please provide our staff with your feedback and or comments on their services so our staff can satisfy your requirements straight away.

- Gift Cards are not refundable or exchangeable at any time. GC is to be treated as cash, and are therefore not redeemable if lost or stolen. You can not cancel your GC, you are responsible for the use and safe of your Gift Card.
- We love to do children's nails! However, unattended children in the salon are disruptive and dangerous. We use many products that are harmful if ingested or applied to unprotected skin. If you have children under 10 who are not receiving nail services, please keep them safe or leave them at home.
We take ONLY Visa and Mastercard credit cards, non-pin debit cards, and cash. Your manicurist will receive her full tip no ‘matter what your payment method is. The tip is not pooled (except for parties), nor are any service fees subtracted from them.
We do not take deferred payments, nor will we allow you to run to your car to get your wallet. Please ensure you have a payment with you before you arrive for services. If you are not satisfied with your nails, we will happily fix them. If you leave the salon without paying, we will contact the police and prosecute theft of service to the fullest extent of the law.

Cell phone
To respect the wishes of all our guests, we request that all cell phones are on vibrate or silent during your visit. If you are expecting an important call, please speak in a quiet voice as not to disturb our other guests.

No pets or food rules
To create the best spa environment and atmosphere for all the guests; plus, due to limited space and allergy caution: please No Pets (except serviced dogs), No food, No strollers, no pet carrier, …are not allowed.

Prices and Services
Prices and services are subject to change without notice. We will do our best to keep our clients up to date on any changes that may occur but encourage all clients to inquire about pricing and available services when booking your appointment.

Return Policy
Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, credits, or exchanges for products sold or services rendered. Please remember once the nail or color application is on, we will not able to change or fix it at that point.

Beyond the check-in policies, we invite all our receiving services guests to make full use of our relaxing environment here at Hollywood Nails And Spa. Come early, bring a book, relax and enjoy a cup of complimentary water, a glass of wine or soft drinks

Spa Promotions
Spa specials cannot be used in combination with any other offer, promotions